We have a wide variety of aircraft because we want our members to have diverse experience. All of these aircraft have been built, flown, and maintained by the past and present members of UAS Technology. If you have any specific questions about our aircraft, feel free to email us and ask! You can find out how to contact us in the "CONTACT" tab above.


DJI Flame Wheel 450
DJI Mavic
TAROT X6 Hexacopter

The Flame Wheel is our organizations most basic semi-autonomous multi-rotor system. Three of these aircraft were built from scratch by our members in 2016 and we now use them for base level multi-rotor training.

The Mavic is used by our organization for multi-rotor training and for simulated commercial UAS operations at flight activities.  The arms of the aircraft can also be folded in for storage and can easily fit into a small backpack.  

Our Hex has a few more electronic components than this picture does. It is our heavy lift drone. With a high payload capacity, it can carry large cameras or sensors. If you see us at an event, chances are, this is the one that caught your eye.

DJI Flame Wheel 550

The Flame Wheel 550 is our new level 2 multirotor trainer. Two of these have been built by our members. The 550s provide our members more opportunities to get hands on experience with more complicated multi-rotor systems.


Bixler Trainer

Our premier fixed-wing training aircraft. We use this aircraft because of it's incredible stability in flight. Our new members can learn quickly with the reassurance this aircraft will respond comfortably to their inputs.

STRIX Stratosurfer

The Stratosurfer is our level 2  fixed-wing platform for training and autonomous flight from missions created in our ground control station.  The aircraft is also equipped with flaps and is able to fly slowly without losing control.  

Applied Aeronautics Albatross

The Albatross is our organization's newest addition to the fleet. With an astounding 10 foot wingspan and a fully composite airframe, this semi-autonomous aircraft is used for UAS research and collegiate level competitions. 


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