UAS Technology offers its members the chance to utilize their expertise in the international AUVSI SUAS competition, held at Webster field Naval Air Station in Maryland. This competition requires not only UAS flight and operation skills, but an immense amount of engineering and programming to get aircraft to autonomously complete their mission. These aircraft must autonomously sense, localize, and read targets, as well as perform tasks such as air-dropping an autonomous ground delivery vehicle. These complex scenarios test the capabilities of every team member, and help them grow to be well-rounded UAS professionals who can apply the knowledge learned to many aspects of their careers. 

     This joint-effort with the Robotics Association of Embry-Riddle gives students the opportunity to network with other UAS teams and employers around the world, and represent Embry-Riddle's best in UAS.

AUVSI sUAS Competition
What is AUVSI?
Summer 2018

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